Choice of Pollinating Variety (Apples) Pollination made simple. Most suburban situations provide good pollen due to the close proximity of other gardens. It is not always necessary to have pollinators if the bees and other pollinating insects are generous with their visits. If you have no other Apple tree close by then select two varieties Continue reading

Calendar of care

To achieve the best results from your fruit we recommend you  follow this simple guide which is laid out in seasonal form. You may question whether you should spray your trees with chemical sprays. In our own nursery we are very anxious to encourage the control of pests by natural predators. These are usually larger Continue reading

Soft Fruit Culture

Introduction Soft fruit commences cropping the year after planting. They are therefore, a particularly good investment. They are inexpensive to buy, produce good yields, do not require much space and are particularly valuable for small gardens. Choice of Variety All the varieties we offer are suitable for your garden and if given reasonable care will Continue reading